Our Sponsors

and Contributors

Sponsorships and donations are the lifeblood of independent film.  Unlike big-budget Hollywood films, independent film is not backed by a studio with large capital. Independent film depends on people like you: independent contributors, local business owners, and government-funded grants.  Thanks to a generous grant from Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, I am able to provide this website and the short videos for free. Coming soon, I will be initiating another crowdfunding campaign where you will have an opportunity to contribute to the film and also get some nice perks as well.  Mill Town will only be successful if we all come together as a community and make it a success!  Many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far for your great generosity.

“Mill Town Minutes” is made possible in part through major funding support from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, an independent state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  The Council seeds, supports, and strengthens public history, cultural heritage, civic education, and community engagement by and for all Rhode Islanders.

For more information, contact Genevieve Belcher: 401-206-6125 wwdocumentary@yahoo.com


The following people and groups will be included in the film credits for Mill Town, but since the completion of the film will not be in the immediate future, I would like to recognize them now for all their valuable contributions. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the film so far:


  • Bernie Belcher
  • Eric Jussaume
  • Judy Jussaume
  • Nicole Curtis
  • Robert P. Smith
  • Julie Jones
  • Shannon Boulay
  • Ann Bianchi
  • Loren Spears
  • Chris Esper
  • Carolyn Marcell Elmore
  • Joyce Cahoon Rookstool
  • Sal Sauco
  • John and Melissa Minor
  • Gregory Gravier
  • Anonymous IndieGoGo Donors
  • Donald and Marcia Carpenter
  • Henry A.L. Brown